pop out

means to come out somewhere like the club,party,a fight or outside somewhere similar to “pull up” it first became popular in brooklyn
boy-yo bro wyd?
boy2-getting ready bro bout to popout in a few.

(updates fb status)- feeling littt looking fleeky i’m bout to pop out.

b-tches talking sh-t but scared to popout.

having a party today hope all the pretty lady’s popout

popout baby
to have a subconscious, random, vocal outburst which is both completely irrelevant and out of context. usually brought on by the excessive use of alcohol/drugs and tiredness.
person b: ” is everyone ok here in the front room?”
person a: “i can’t believe this part of the m23 is so busy”
person b: what?
person a: what?
person b: “you’re not on the m25, you’re in my living room. did you just popout?”
person a: yeah i think so”
a pop out is when a guy has an erection that sticks out farther than pinocchio’s nose.
“whoa! look at that guy’s pop out!”
“daaang! if he has a b-n-r that big i would so screw him”
to appear; show yourself
that n-gg- wanted to square up with me so bad, but when i came on his block, he ain’t wanna pop out.
when someone who usually dresses down or even casual, suddenly decides to wear something really nice or fancy it’s considered a pop out. a boy who would pop out is known to wear a fresh pair of jordan’s wit a side of ice on they wrist. a girl would be considered to wear a dress or even a cute outfit with loads of jewelry.
“okay girl i see you with fashion nova dress and the heels!! whole pop out today”

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