the hymen of a virgin female human.

aka:”cherry”, “virginity”
“she’s so fresh, i bet she still has a pop-top.”
used instead of “laptop” to make the word sound cooler.
mike, i’m coming over to you in a few minutes! – okay, take your poptop with you that we can play cod.
when the top of the head, or dome, is blown off by either 1) a bowl of good marijuana, or 2) a high caliber rifle round.
“the marine recon sniper smoked a bowl of marijuana and popped his top, and then aimed down the scope of his rifle and at a haji a mile away and… pop top!”
where a man covers his p-n-s in pop-rocks, then inserts it into a womens v-g-n- to which all the poprocks go off
mike gave mary a good poptop the other night.

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