it should actually be poppet and it was used as a term of endearment towards children.
why, h-llo there, poppet.
come, poppet, be a good little girl.
actually spelled: “poppet”.

chiefly a british derivitive of the word “puppet”.

a darling, a small child, a doll, a puppet.
she’s such a sweet, little poppet.
1. see definition of crumpit, basically means the same thing but can be used more casually, more for friends -.

-not for a boyfriend or girlfriend.
1. j: ello poppit!
a: hey john, what’s up?
used in the wild thornberrys by nigel thornberry
“‘ello poppit”
“how’s it going poppit?”
form of greeting, first used in the disney movie, pirates of the carribean.
person #1: hi!
person #2: ‘ello poppit

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