pork sandwich

the pork sandwich consists of having a s-xual encounter with two obese women. the pork sandwich could potentially be the end result of a long night of hogging.
oh my god, that was the nastiest pork sandwich last night, what the h-ll was i thinking.
giving s-xual intercourse. in reference to providing a d-ck but can also be used by b-tches but that’s kinda silly 🙂
1. yo bro, what you do with shanice last night? dogs, i gave her a pork sandwich.

2. yo bro, you give that b-tch a pork sandwich? yes, i did.
the act of combining two people’s (of opposite s-x) genitalia; the male being the pork (p-n-s) and the female being the two slices of bread (l-b–), to make a sometimes but not always, amazing sandwich.
george: hey bro, did you see that shone kitten i brought back to the slam castle last night?

eric: h-ll yea, i heard you guys in there makin’ pork sandwiches!

george: that’s right. i took her to pound town, she said thats where she wanted to go.

eric: nice..

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