the best hipster show ever created. it comes along with many inside jokes that only other portlandia fans can understand. in which case, if you haven’t seen this show, then do not reuse any inside jokes that come along with it to other portlandia fans; it will only instigate more inside jokes that you may not know of creating extreme confusion.
you know portlandia when you’re always putting a bird on it.
cacao to any other show that isn’t portlandia.
p.s. so over this.
a conundrum of approximately 5’9″ in stature, overflowing with witty banter, pr-ne to spontaneous and frequent disappearances, unexplained mental processes and bouts with cute gentility.

a generally pleasing experience, found primarily on tweet timelines and tumbling around the internet causing untold attractions…
that girl is definitely a portlandia!
i wish i had a portlandia, to take to the party with me..

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