Porty Jertkle

1.)phrase used to describe a f-cking idiot, accidentally created through a random key tapping frenzy (such as “fdkjghdfkjgh”) that resulted in real pr-nouncable words. the context of this caused it to seem like an insulting phrase, that of which it came to actually be.

2.)deriving from the words potty and jerk, “porty jerktle” is a phrase that was used by the phonecians in 1235 a.d. when they could not find words to describe the stupidity of a young man in their tribe who, while having p-ssionate s-x with his fat girlfriend, knocked over a lamp causing the entire town to go up in flames. they therefore took these two words and put them into one phrase to describe this stupid, stupid b-tch. like seriously; “who has s-x with fat girls?”, they wondered(they didnt care about the fire, just the fat girl part).
“victor, you slept with a corpse you f-cking porty jertkle!”

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