whether something is deserving of or appropiate to post to a social networking site or forum; may refer to a comment, link, or picture.
dude, she is half naked and riding a inflatable walrus, thats totally not post-worthy.

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  • punchkid

    a teen who you just need to punch, not out of hate, but because they’re a fool. these kids include; kids who wear leather jackets in the summer, animal headbands and pajamas in public, jeans down to their knees. punchkids should be defined by their peers or college kids… not old people. alt is punch […]

  • scheibler

    one who gains another person’s -ssets, monetary or otherwise, by means of trickery, deception, or other underhanded behavior. from the latin root “scaebel” meaning “one who missapropriates through coercive behavior.” dude, don’t go into the atm with gavin because he’s a noob and known to be a scheibler.

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    noun form of v–gr-te. the state of being v–gr-ted the viagrization of our sales force has been successfully completed and revenues have enlarged accordingly.

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