if ud doesn’t approve your words and it makes you feel bad when you vote on dumb bs. being prejudiced against one man just ain’t right ud. unique words that are funny and clever should not be rejected. dropping a name to insult someone is not fun to read. spreading negativity and hate about people on this website is pathetic.
postmywords instead of the negative hateful name dropping cr-p i voted on.

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  • fuck fluffy vagina

    a rare monster species that is very dangerous and has the appearance of a very hairy v-g-n-. person 1: dude! i got attacked by the f-ck fluffy v-g-n-s the other night. person 2: you’re lucky to be alive!

  • peanut butter nutter

    a person who’s c-m is very thick and heavy girl 1: did you spit or swallow last night? girl 2: i spit, he was a peanut b-tter nutter! girl 1: omg! hahaha

  • hedgehog head

    a person with a messy combover. alright hedgehog head how u doing?

  • clasby

    sp-wn of f-ggot , when gay man sp-nk drips out of -rs- then used to impregnate a woman . usually by the first name of tom that clasby is such a sp-wn of f-ggot sp-wn of f-ggot p-ss that hammer

  • heterection

    happens when a heteros-xual male comes across a ridiculously good-looking man he cannot help but admire. i got a heterection watching henry cavill in man of steel.

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