posh girl, with an (almost obsessive) taste for alcohol.
she often tries to make friends, and can often be seen surrounded by a large group of them.
posy likes clothes, shoes, and hats.
can also be used as a term to describe something cool, or eccentric.
also known as ‘posy-choo’, ‘posalina’, ‘p p p posy’…
“that’s so posy!”
“h-llo posy, my darling”
“i love posy so much!”
girls who pretend they’re something they are not.
those girls are posies. they only pretend to like metal because their boyfriends are in metal bands.
the things in your pockets when you circle around the rosie(s)
pocketfull of posies. duh.
a mean gang
hey, hez a member of the insane clown posy

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