potato sacking

chuck norris version of tea bagging
chuck norris isn’t tea bagging, he’s potato sacking
when double fisting isn’t enough, you move onto a foot. then two feet. then your entire lower body. you then proceed to potato sack. you enter a chick’s v-g-n- much like you would a potato sack.
person a: dude that chick was so loose last night
person b: how loose?
person a: dude i fit all the way into her v-g-n- and i totally started potato sacking that b-tch
throwing one over your shoulder like a sack of potatoes.
alex was potato sacking me.
the art of throwing someone over your shoulder and walking through public – acting like everything’s okay.
the potato sackee (person over the shoulder) can take up different positions on the shoulder to make things interesting.
look over there, that guy is potato sacking. what a legend!
teabagging to the extreme using a scr-t-m of atleast baseball size proportions; can have serious effects to recipient such as:
-internal bleeding
-brain damage
-loss of memory
-3rd degree burns(only if one performing act hasfirecrotch syndrome)
andrew was potatosacked and lost consciousness. the potatosacking was so severe he lost all memory of it and suffered 2 broken ribs.
chuck norris tea bagging
chuck norris isn’t tea bagging, he’s potato sacking!
a man with large t-st-cl-s/gonads dipping them into the mouth of a unsuspected individual…
i was at the office and i saw quincy potato sacking ericson

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