pound, verb, to fight or injure
“i will pound you into the f-cking ground bro”
several definitions:
1.unit of weight
2.money in england
3.to hit fists with your home dawgs
4.to have s-x
5.to punch or beat someone up
here’s a little story:

one day, bill wanted to pound his girlfriend, but she was a hoe and wanted 50 pounds to do it. bill went to the hood and met henry and pounded fists with him. his fist, may i add weighed about one pound. bill asked henry to lend him 50 pounds so he could pound his girlfriend or bill would pound henry and send him to the hospital. henry gave bill the 50 pounds.
to f-ck the sh-t out of
man i pounded that -ss
pounding is a word used to describe s-xaul activity. but not just any s-xual activity,pounding is like scr-w-ng to the extreme, with no regard to romance at all.
gibbs pounded a really hot girl in the back of his camaro
to f-ck very hard
he pounded her and listened to her moan.
to f-ck (hard)
she was just begging to be pounded.
the knocking of fists as a form of greeting, departure, or respect
see daps
v. – to consume large amounts of alcohol in a limited amount of time
“yo let’s pound these brews before going in.”

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