p-ssy pleasing pansy!

a beta male who would go to any extent to gain a woman’s approval. a typical characteristic of men with serious mommy issues, and latent insecurities. these men generally are the masters of tongue twister, and believe in endlessly long foreplay’s.
tim: what has this world come to, men running behind women, being manipulated by their t-ts and booties into doing anything.
joe: yeah bro, it’s f-ckin sad isn’t it, remember the good old days when s-x was just a means to boost a men’s confidence before going into a battle, but nowadays most men are nothing but ppp’s trying to just gratify b-tches.
puff puff p-ss
prettyful pranciful ponies, a hardcore crew rising from los banos, california. they often refer to the place they live, as carebear city. some believe their name is meant to contradict the hardcore scene. others believe it’s meant to throw people off. whatever the reason may be, steer clear of the ponies.
“o hey man, remember when ppp showed up and owned the dance floor?”
“yea man, those f-ckers are brutal.”
an acronym for “p-ss poor planning.”

although obscure now, it was widely used by teenagers in the ’60’s and ’70’s as a way of recognizing the utter stupidity of a poorly thought out plan. it seemed to have a large following in vermont and the rest of new england, although did not gain popularity with the rest of the united states.
jen: what do you mean, we’re out of gas? you said it was only an hour away!

amanda: i said it was about an hour away. 120 minutes? same difference, right?

tim: bad news. the map we have only covers the rest of the state.

jen: you people are idiots.

tim: ppp, dude.
hirsuties papillaris genitalis (more commonly referred to as “pearly penile papules”, or ppp) is a harmless clinical skin condition of the male genital organs.
>omg wtf are those b-mps on your d-ck?!?1?/1/!1111???one

>oh nothing harmful at all thats just my ppp.
post pictures please/ post pix plz

use this when you want somebody to post a picture. use it now! i want this sh-t to catch on.

so anyways here is how you can use it you r-t-rds
1) if some ugly m-f- online wont post a picture of themselves you better tell their -ss to ppp
2) if somebody describes something s-xy and you want to see a pic say ppp
3) when your friend took a picture of you and you want that sh-t posted to facebook ask them to ppp
1) kevin- well i kindof look like ben afflec in real life
joe- oh ppp

2)cole sprouse- wow i just got home from working out my abs look pretty good
nick- whoa ppp!

3) frankie- have you uploaded the pics to facebook
joe- not yet
frankie- well ppp!
ppp is an acronym for pale porcelain princess, a colloquial term commonly used to describe skin type on makeup/cosmetics blogs and magazines.
this makeup foundation is perfect for girls with ppp skin, who have trouble finding foundations light enough.
post p-n-s pain
when the v-g-n- (or b-tt) gets pounded and the next day it hurts so much that you can’t even touch it without it hurting a lot
joanna: what happened to you?
haley: jack was too rough last night and now i got ppp.
joanna: you should call him jack the ripper hahaha

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