someone who is a moronic prat beyond all forms of help
you are a complete praddlehead

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  • stay level

    1) an exclamation celebrating the arrival of the time 4:20. 2) an encouragement to continue smoking fat clouds. 3) warning a guy friend not to date below his own league. “hey bro, it’s 4:20, stay level!” “that girl is ugly, man, you best stay level.”

  • sh*t whit

    someone with sh-t for brains did you hear the idea dale came up with at the meeting? he’s a total sh-t whit

  • whole lotta gang sh*t

    a individual, talking in first person, stating that they intend to partic-p-te in acts of “hood sh-t”, usually a crime, or indecent act. orlando: what’s poppin tre? tre: you know n-gg-, whole lotta gang sh-t.

  • missile waving

    when when country launches test missiles in response to another country’s launch “did you see the us launched an icbm test missile?” ” yeah i saw.. they are just missile waving with north korea”

  • fun baby

    a creature that is birthed 9 months after having a wild night with a random broad. dude, i just found out that i have a fun baby.

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