a man with no friends. he is a n-body.
that guy,he looks like such a prati]

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  • Procrastigramming

    the act of procrastinating using programming. it could also mean the act of procrastinating your programming for activities and bulletin boards. i have so much homework to do, so i am procrastigramming by doing my interactive p-ssive for my floor.

  • pucker-star

    a pursed or clinched -n-s. that was so exciting, my pucker-star didn’t relax for a whole week. that food was so spicy; it burned my pucker-star on the way ouy.

  • Pudge juggers

    a reference to pug joggers, often used as black and white soft joggers. me and my friend have the exact same pudge juggers.

  • Pulling your pipe

    to pull the pipe, generally being lazy, procrastinating, male masturbation. pulling your pipe. “have you seen billy?”. ” i reckon he’s at home pulling his pipe. “

  • Punishment Enema

    to receive an enema as a punishment. usually while totally naked and sometimes wearing handcuffs to increase the level of humiliation. i need a punishment enema for starting an argument with my girlfriend.

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