being prawned is slang talk for being blazed af. prawn refers to good weed and to get prawned is to get high.
harry: “oh man i was so prawned last night!”

jake: “you got some good prawn then?”

harry: “yeah man lets go get prawned right now!!”
a b-st-rdization of pwned, which was derived from the word owned. the meaning remains throughout the words, as being defeated, destroyed or verbally raped in some way. can also be written as “prawnz0red”.
1. you can’t beat it on the easiest setting? hahahah, prawned.
2. i prawnz0red those 5 guys with my rocket launcher.
to be prawned is to be so blazed that you cant remember.

“remember what?”
to get prawned refers to the act of smoking the pots and ‘prawn’ refers to the dankest of kush
harry: “oh man, last night i was so prawned itried to feed my cat food to my fish! i dont even have a cat!”

jake: “woah dude, where can i get some of that prawn?”

harry: “ive got some now, lets go get prawned!”
when pepe the king prawn (muppet) takes you to school in some form or fashion.
“hey kermin, you try to frog around with me, you going to be prawned, mmkay?”

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