a person who intends to get engaged in the future. a person is a pre-ancee if he or she has discussed getting married with their partner and they both agree that it will happen someday – but there has not been an official proposal yet.
“my girlfriend wants me to propose, and i will probably do it sometime in the next couple months, so i guess that makes her my pre-ancee.”

a person whom you are in a long term, committed relationship with, and plan on marrying when the time is right but the question hasn’t been popped yet. more permanent than a boy/girlfriend but not quite a fiancé/fiancée. usually a relationship of more than a year.
“i went on a trip to new york with chris last week.”
“haven’t you been together for years now?”
“two of them. he’s my preanceé.”
rhymes with fiancee. the stage of commitment before a woman becomes a fiancee.
jane is scared to get married again, she may be a preancee for years before becoming betrothed again.
a term used to describe, people who become pre-engaged. mainly for an excuse to have s-x with said person, that seems acceptable to an individuals parents.
person #1: wow, kiki just told me that louis just gave her a ring, but they’re not getting married for a few years.

person #2: soo what does this mean? they’re eachother’s pre-ancée’s?

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