1. the act of going through a drive-thru and then parking in the parking lot of the same place and eating with yo’ friends.
2. the act of preating
d-mn man! you wanna go to mc donalds and preat?
when one makes a threat and a promise in short threat+promise= preat
dude1: dothat agian ill kick your -ss!
dude2: is that a threat or promise?
dude1: is. a. preat
the union of the words promise and threat.
to show intimidation with out having to make a promise or a threat.
to be used in heated altercation as a deflation tactic.
the preat was made towards the bully, confusing him and instigating a fight.

billy: “you better get outta here before something bad happens.”
frank: “is that a promise or a threat?”
billy: “it’s a preat!”
frank: “what?”

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