bella, linda, guapa, hermosa, april o’neill
eres preciosa :$

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  • prevalent

    widespread, thourough. the panic quickly spread into vast areas, becoming more prevalent than ever vaticinated.

  • Prezident

    a name that black people can refer to each other as instead of “n-gg-“. it originated when the united states inaugurated black president obama, yet the word is spelled with a “z” to give it more hood flare, ya dig? gangsta to another gangsta: sup prezident?

  • Prickcasting

    pr-cks playing sh-t music out loud on their tinny mobiles for the express intent of annoying the sh-t out of anyone around them. oh, just some idiot pr-ckcasting from his gayphone

  • Pricture

    when a photo of someone makes them look like a complete pr-ck. this is often the case when someone is either drunk or trying to impress someone else. the result is usually embarr-ssment when the person discovers what they looked like in the photo. unless, of course, they are a pr-ck and always act like […]

  • PR monkey

    another name for a spokesperson for a politician, organization or a company. just about any spin doctor. wow! bp’s pr monkeys will have a hard time after the oil spill.

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