when someone is rejected of any request (i.e. relationships, prom, etc.) before even getting the chance to formally ask.
albert: hey so i was thinking we could meet up at panera this sat-rday?
alondra: uhm, we don’t really talk that much, but if this is about you asking me to prom, don’t bother.
micah: dayumm son, i think you just got prejected!
rejecting a person or idea, especially a romantic advance, before it even has a chance to be presented/offered.
he started to walk over to me, but i prejected his -ss by turning my head before he could even make it onto the dancefloor.
to reject ones significant other when one senes a rejection coming his way. a self defense mechanism for mormons.
jane: (puts on shoes)

john: youre leaving?!! i never neeeded you in the first place. its over. you suck. goodbye dont ever talk to me

jane: im just having a ciggarette

john: oh….

jane: i was totally in love with you, but i just realized how insecure you are when you prejected me. so after this ciggarette, im leaving you.

john: fmlllll…
after you eject a disk, you preject it back in.

it only makes sense. after you eject a cd, you can preject it back in.
or before a cd is ejected, it must first be prejected into the cd player
“hey can you eject that cd for me, wipe it off, then preject it back in? thanks”


“yo who changed the music?? preject my cd back in!”
rejecting someone before they have a chance to reject you. often used as an emotional defense mechanism.
heather said she didn’t think we’d work out, but she was just prejecting me.
any thing that i preject it to preject at the time.
i preject that you want to preject!

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