preparing for a lover by masturbating

preparing for a lover by masturbating


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  • gimleey

    an ape (see: siamang) in apeldoorn zoo. has learned to use computers and communicate via interwebs. also used as an adjective locally to describe a stupid person on the internet or group chats. he makes me so mad. probably an actual gimleey.

  • bahamian chick

    a female that is from the bahamas she’s a bahamian chick

  • fleeca

    when you do something for a long amount of time that is worthless you idiot, i cant believe you are still doing that fleeca job

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    un mal parido de la vida que nunca quiere ver a nadie mejor que el, si no es a conveniencia a él no hace nada y tiene malas intenciones através de sus actos. wao que mala fe tú eres. no puedo creer lo mala fe que eres. joann es bien mala fe.

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    typically used for a very different set of clothing or fashion on buzzfeed; “what in the lady gaga is that!?”

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