being able to stretch your -sshole beyond what is considered normal or even natural. to be able to make a 6inch girthy c-ck think his d-ck is inside a pringles can with your -ss.
my friend wil has a lot of presence
lving in the one singular moment. elimination from the mind obsessed creation of time. no time. pure consiousness. elightenment or heaven by some religions. the vortex of the ying-yang in a three demensional world where “z” represents time
man that dude’s cool. so present. it permeates all.
to weight over 200 pounds. presence is having the physical attributes to be recognized everywhere you go.
when i’m out at the club no one f-cks with me cause i have presence.

i benched 285 last night. so, you still have no presence weighing 185.

how can i get presence? eat more and work out your legs brown hornet.
#awe #beast #huge #built #brown hornet
anytime china and canada meet in the same room over some type of material involving war.
it was presence when jt and ct entered the room yo.
#presense #presence #ghost #china #canada #relations

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