okay, so a prestoobie is a mystical creature that follows you around. they are invisible, so only people with the prestoobie sight can see them. all of them are unique so we post well photographed pictures if some of them. prestoobies look like bullet bill (from mario kart) mixes with catlike things. though they may not have catlike facial features. in both male and female prestoobies, there is this milk like liquid that forms, helping the prestooberry that sprouts from their back grow. these prestooberries can only be harvested in bathtubs, and the prestoobie juice can only be harvested in a large cave. once the prestoobie juice from the prestoobie is harvested, you will have to wait 2 months for it to form again. prestoobies are very amazing, so dont eat them like the prestoobie hunters in china. the three discoverers of prestoobies are @peyton.c0m and @_sarahoushe_ . the uglier your prestoobies are the prettier you are!

the instagram account for this is @prestoobies
mrs. llama : “my prestoobies are very ugly, therefore i am beautiful!!”
mr. llama : “good for you susan, good for you”

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