a person who wears sh-tty ralph lauren hoodies and is part albino
they are a priesty

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  • naruto n*gg*

    a black guy that’s really into anime. naruto usually, or dragon ball z. we was getting together with the crew, and tyrone brings his little brother jamal who’s wearing some kinda shirt with chinese cartoons on it, so lamar turns to him and asks “you one of them naruto n-gg-s ain’t ya?”

  • breezy yeezy

    the s-x act of farting while your girlfriend plays with and gapes your -sshole, so that the fart makes no sound. similar to the whistling kanye or a puff diddly my breezy yeezy game so strong, my girlfriend looks like a puppy with it’s head out the car window.

  • blowin ain't whoein

    when a girl that is already in a relationship gives another guy a bl-wj-b. girl 1 – amy, i can’t believe you gave jimmy a bl-wj-b! what if jason finds out? girl 2 – so what if he does? blowin ain’t whoein!

  • lifespan

    a place where they say magic happens, but that is not true. it is like an insane asylum. the staff are crazy. especially ms.tuvey omg lifespan is scary!

  • fettucini beanie

    a fettuccini beanie is when you grab a chick with stringy flat blond hair and c-m in said woman’s hair and then swoop it around her head making a fettuccini beanie fettucini beanie

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