a name derived from sanskrit to mean “a lap full of love” or simply very loving in nature.
priya meand “love” and ank means “lap”

it also means just “love”
priyanka is the bestest name!
a really hot girl who gets a lot of male attention but is mostly oblivious to it.
that girl is a right priyanka.
the s-xiest, cutest, intellectual and gorgeous girl..

so finally you have met a priyanka.
a really hot girl who gets a lot of male attention but is mostly oblivious to it.
that girl is a right priyanka.
a name originating from the country of india which is often -ssociated with “outstandingly beautiful” or “cuter than a teddy bear”

a girl who makes your life increasingly better and better each day of encountering her; a girl who is simply amazing in all aspects and often holds the characteristics of humor, intelligence, and beauty; a girl who deserves to be treated extremely well
did that beautiful girl make you happier than kindergarten days eating ice cream in the summer? you have found a priyanka, my friend.

ever since you entered my life, you have made it so incredibly fantastic it’s crazy. will you please give me the honor of taking you to homecoming, priyanka?
an alternate name for the extremely endangered albeit lovable species also known affectionately as chopsy or cho. they are renowned for their utter confusion and lack of direction. but their cute n cuddly disposition make them immensely likeable. some reported sightings have claimed that they have pink fluffy tails but this has not been proven. world renowned adventurer, shyam valsan is said to be the only one to have interacted with the chopsy in its natural habitat. unlike other mythical and strange creatures such as the yeti or bigfoot, priyanka does not instill fear , they are said to be docile and caring, though research has found that under conditions of stress they use an extremely ancient form of martial arts for self defense.
“oh man i totally messed up the directions to your house, i ended up being as lost as a priyanka”
a great person who laughs and is a freshie! she is also quite fit! she is never looking b-tterz, hate and hates skelas!
wow! shes a priyanka

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