longer term for lit
this party is going to be prizi

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  • nug head

    stoner, someone who enjoys toking the marijuana “look at those nug heads over there smoking on their marijuana cigarettes”

  • the old trophy

    noun your p-n-s most commonly used for saying you had to m-st-rb-t-. i just had to shine the old trophy…

  • siphosethu

    a very funny, talkitive and kind person girl#1: have you spoken to siphosethu yet ? girl#2: yes, she/he is a very awesome person.

  • bas*m*nt intellectual

    philosophical and insightful people who do not capitalise on their intellectual potential. characterised by the following behaviours: – elitism, and intellectually sn-bbish behaviour – always working on a ‘p-ssion project’ – frequent irritation towards people who are misinformed/illogical – extreme laziness – poor hygiene – poor financial stability alexa: i was just talking about toothbrushes, […]

  • beaver reliever

    a toy that someone brings to work to relieve stress… but once friends at work see it start to make very funny jokes at her and her beaver reliever expense. “emily what are you doing over there squeezing your beaver reliever? ” “emily we are at work stop playing with your beaver reliever”

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