kind hearted, gentle, very pure soul. known to be very rebellious at times. very caring if something harms their family or friend they will protect them. also known to be a very p-ssionate kisser
sister get yourself a probal!

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  • insuposed

    the situation of being really dead inside, but still living on the outside. on mondays i’m insuposed.

  • alcow

    short for “all lowercase one word”. usually used when verbally giving someone else a username or p-ssword. guest: what’s the wifi p-ssword? host: “adam brent chris”, alcow. “adambrentchris”

  • rear castle union

    a euphemism for and an anagram of “-n-l intercourse” i can’t win with my girlfriend in bed last night she tells me i don’t satisfy her because my d-ck too small, k? then two seconds later she denies me a rear castle union because she says back there my d-ck too big! wtf, baby!

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    someone who is always fun to be around and is the life of the party. she is very s-xy and can pull any n-gg- she wants and fasholy will take yo n-gg-. she is also very good at basketball and will break yo wcw cannot ever be mad at her because she will always […]

  • run me my money

    run me my money means, give me my money now or else. you late on your payments, run me my money {son}!

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