procrastination due to abusive consumption of the internet.
man : “i procrasterneted all day because i didn’t want to leave my internest.”

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  • procrastinasia

    a severe mental disorder in witch a person often procrastinates. -did you do your homework? -nah, man i think i have a severe case of procrastinasia! -sh-t…

  • procreallingence

    its a new word. its a combination of “productivity” “creativity” and ïntelligence” u r so procrealigent

  • Productivity Czar

    used in sitcom “the office”. to be -ssigned to observe co-workers’ work activity. basically a snitch. i don’t have time to see that you all are doing your job, so john, you be the productivity czar.

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    nascar with n-gg-rs racing in might just happen if they arent too busy jumping fences and stealing bikes. i’s a n-gg- driving a nascah with my bling blingin twentay fo’s and some chicken!

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