produce handler

1: someone that handles produce in a grocery store.
2: someone that goes around fingering all the veggies at said grocery store
3: someone who gasms at the thought of a fruit being shoved into an orifice of their body.
4: a person that goes around town naked screaming “the british are coming!” with a feather up their bunhole && an ugly birthmark of donald trump doing the hula on their right side that sticks potatoes or similar shaped produce up other peoples tushes. then invites them to kfc where they eat it out with a spork.
1: the guy that works at giant is a produce handler.
2: that woman that goes around feeling up all the veggies before she puts em in her little blue basket is quite the produce handler.
3: theres a woman n france that handles produce like a professional would ;]
4: im not so sure but that producehandler this week is quite good at what he does.

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