a t-tle given to two male friends who are too close to not be g-y, but not close enough to actually be g-y.
yo dude, those guys g-y ?
nah man, that’s prollum, don’t question ’em

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  • dusty snake

    a slang word for your m-ssive c-ck. hey bby would you like to see my dusty snake?

  • sickly tarantula

    a sickly tarantula is a s-xual position where 8 women who don’t shave use d-ld-s to ananly please eachother in a train whilst projectile vomiting d-mn becky, you and your 2 hairiest friends should come over to imitate a sickly tarantula

  • aliff aziz

    a person who holds other girls hands even if they have a wife and slaps his wife “his just like and aliff aziz!”

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    sitting like a communist. “sierra? yeah she’s over there commusitting.”

  • croffing

    the act of vomiting off of a very tall building. “bro, jake and i went croffing off the empire state building yesterday. “

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