Protestant Christianity

a form of christianity, started in the 16th century. it slightly differs from catholicism, most notably there is less emphasis on clergy. however, catholics and protestants:

-both worship the same g-d.
-both worship jesus.
-both read the bible.
-both attend church on sundays, as opposed to other religious buildings. (i. e. mosques)
-the majority of protestants are not violently anti-catholic, and the majority of catholics are not violently anti-protestant. they just disagree on some issues.
-both do not hate jews/muslims/etc. there are both protestants and catholics that do, but the majority don’t, considering the bible verses that oppose discrimination.
here on urban dictionary, the average definition of protestant is:

“omfg thay hat catchlics so fc-king msuh.i hate christians!!1!1!1111,. roflz. o and hitler is my hero!1”

to all of you r-t-rded “rebel” preteens that wrote/write/plan to write anti-protestant definitions, grow up and open your eyes; protestants and catholics are very similar. fighting over “what true christianity is” is immature and discriminatory.

i follow lutheranism; a form of protestant christianity.

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