life stinks, and then you fall through the door.
the ‘prrokoschmoko’ mythology has a small support amongst all three castes of abber

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  • Dinomecca

    dinomecca is another tag for steubenville, ohio, the revered hometown of the king of cool, dino martin. my pallies and i made our dinopilgrimage to steubenville, ohio, considered to be dinomecca by all dinoholics.

  • sunstream

    a sunstream is a magical star, shaped like a giant doughnut, known for its tendencies to spin in circles. “what is that, up in the sky?” “is it a star?” “no, it’s much brighter.” “it must be a sunstream.”

  • superbubble

    when you’re playing black ops and someone on your team comes up from behind you and totally steals your kill. yo, i was playing black ops the other day and some douchebag kid on my team totally superbubbled me.

  • weinie basket

    an adjective used to describe a dumb-ss, annoying person, or someone you just don’t like! g-d dude shut up you’re such a weinie basket!

  • fat puppy syndrome

    when after eating a meal you become tired and want to lie down in the sun and take a nap like a fat puppy. uhhh! i just ate and now i have fat puppy syndrome!

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