to scare someone with a sound.
repairman drilling into water wall. you say psssss like a water leak.

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  • bitch ass motherfucking cockface

    what you say when you’re extremely triggered. steve: i had s-x with your mother. john: you little b-tch -ss motherf-cking c-ckface!

  • sligay

    word for when you hate life. “man i just feel so slig-y.”

  • chick-fil-itis

    that feeling you get when you’re craving chick-fil-a on a sunday but it’s closed. *on a sunday* person 1: “bro, i’m craving chick-fil-a.” person 2: *hits blunt* “it’s not open bro, it’s sunday. you got chick-fil-itis man.”

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