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  • madating

    (adj.) (ma · dating) : a filipino/tagalog term for describing exquisite, cl-ssy, sophisticated, and attractive in one word. a figure of speech (euphemism) that depicts something/someone as awesome. “that man who walked towards the bar had so much cl-ss that he’s the only madating man in the club.”

  • fatigued vagina

    the diplomatic term when identifying a “tired c-nt” also see tired c-nt the manager asked why we have not achieved our weekly kpi targets. i expressed my concern to him by explaining we have employed many fatigued v-g-n-‘s within the team.

  • cumdershirt

    n. a t-shirt that you no longer wear, but you keep in your drawer as if you did wear it, and now its primary purpose is to clean up your c-m. you can also use it to dry off your girl if she is super wet. rosie: ugh, what do we do now? mac: do […]

  • rubbing hood

    female masturbation i’m a filthy lesbian and therefore i’m going home ( not my parents bas-m-nt coz they hate me) to treat my hairy minge to a rubbing hood

  • fandugal

    surprised; shocked his halloween costume fandugaled me as he jumped out at me.

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