the defective byproduct of the weak minded and phenomenology
psychiatry cannot perform phenomenology for another
a profession that is seemingly obsessed with enforcing the status quo. genuine emotional understanding, empathy, and deep interactions have been replaced by some supposedly ‘objective science’; a mere attempt to ignore the talent that some have with relating to others and medicalize emotions. whether a person has a ‘disorder’ or ‘disease’ is not determined by whether someone has a visible ailment that has a specific biological cause, but by a system of observed behaviors that can wildly vary from psychiatrist to psychiatrist.

many people trust the field of psychiatry simply because it involves ‘doctors’. people in modern society have been taught to believe anything that the man in the white lab coat says, regardless of whether he or she is actually a doctor.

psychiatry is also involved in ‘prescribing’ huge quant-ties of often dangerous drugs; though for some they do blunt or alleviate symptoms (about as good as alcohol), many experience ‘positive effects’ only in the vein of placebo, or experience only negative effects. this, however, does not mean that the drugs actually cure anything. psychiatric drugs are supposed to work by ‘building up in your bloodstream’, which is a way to convince ‘patients’ that they are receiving legitimate treatment, and is nothing short of a complete lie. most of this happens because of pharmaceutical company involvement. most ‘research’ is horribly skewed to promote the companies’ drugs, as the variables are extremely subjective, i.e. a ‘rating’ scale for ‘depression’.

all in all, most psychiatrists are not ‘evil’, just controlled by a few money obsessed individuals who would rather enforce the status quo; hence blind leading the blind. some psychiatrists do desire to change the field, but have a hard time getting through the system if they don’t shut up and try to think for themselves. many ‘professionals’ in the field are arrogant because they have been taught to believe that they can understand others well by essentially wasting time learning utter nonsense in ‘university’. there has never been proof of mental disorders originating from ‘biochemical factors’ or any ‘genetic chemical imbalance’, but psychiatry dangerously takes the technical reality that biochemical/genetic factors are involved in everything in our lives and takes the huge logical leap to the idea that we end up miserable because something goes ‘wrong’ in the brain. the reality is the opposite. the brain adjusts to negative circ-mstances just as it does to positive, and a change of circ-mstances coupled with emotional healing will always be more effective than any kind of psychiatry/placebo effect. people just don’t have the patience, and those at the top are not willing to admit that the cause of all this suffering is a poor status quo combined with rigid enforcement of such ‘norms’, and materialism gone rampant.

critics of psychiatry are sometimes intelligent, but sometimes include idiots like tom cruise. avoid them at all costs. unfortunately, people like him have given anti-psychiatry a bad name, even if his basic premise may have some merit.
indeed, i have had a ‘major mental disorder’, and the ‘medications’ me on did nothing but mess my life up worse. with a change of att-tude (which demonstrates the reality that a person in extreme distress can change if they are given even a bit of hope), i pulled myself out of extreme, chronic depression that most psychiatrists would have insisted was a ‘chemical imbalance’. healing from emotional stress is a long and arduous process which requires relation and collaboration with emotionally intelligent and wise individuals, not popping pills. psychiatry is little more than an attempt to make money which exploits others’ arrogance.
a practice of torturing, abusing, insulting and degrading other beings. a gigantic multi billion dollar industry of death.

that’s all there is too it.
that’s much better

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