someone who’s brave, take’s risks and n-body can subst-tute
i wanna be like ptea

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  • turriff

    turriff is a junkies paradise where every one is either filming a school fight or f-cking their cousin boy 1 do you want to go turriff? boy 2 isn’t that where you f-cked your cousin, while on kat?

  • hoe stopper

    a person who motivates you to stop talking to hoes. nah i ain’t got no hoe’s , i got you as my hoe stopper.

  • franie

    a guy with a big (normally huge) b-tt. guy: nice melons! franie: are you talking about my b-tt? guy: yup!

  • micheal ash

    a n-gg-r lover micheal ash is a n-gg-r lovin boy

  • pillsbury o-face

    when one -j-c-l-t-s on a girls face early, so he must go down on her to while her face looks like its covered in dough so she can get off too. bro did you bang becky? yeah but i came too early so i had to give her the pillsbury o-face

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