(n.) a pet name for the p-n-s, taken from that of the dinosaur pterodactyl

(n.) a p-n-s resembling that of a prehistoric bird’s beak
kim: i finally saw josh’s p-n-s last night
amy: really?! was it big?
kim: well…it wasn’t so much as big as….oddly shaped. it looked like a bird’s beak…
amy: pteroc-ckdyl!

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    a joint rolled using a significantly gargantuan amount of pubic hair yo man… carey rat just smoked that p-b- roll we rolled with the hobos p-b-s.

  • p*b*stacular

    something that is so wonderful that it is beyond all other words. jeff’s black p-n-s is p-b-stacular.

  • pubic afro

    when a person never trims their pubic hair and it looks like an afro. “i don’t believe in tr-mm-ng and i stand proud of my pubic afro!” the sort of extremely curly pubic hair, usually found in the form of a ginger afro! eww, that girl i took home last night had a huge pubic […]

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    1. when a p-b- gets caught beneath one’s foreskin. this can be very uncomfortable and even painful should the p-n-s become erect, thus pulling at the hair. then the p-b- stretches out, forming a little tight string like a harp. 2. a harp with strings made out of extremely long pubic hairs. 1. “holy sh-t, […]

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    staging a fake contest to gain views, then either giving the prize to a friend, or not giving any prize at all rapper: bro i need more downloads on my mixtape manager: time to pull a medz

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