to be screwed over by life, without any warning or chance to escape. covers a wide variety of siutations.
ed: i picked up a girl on friday night, went back to her place and then she showed me her wiener.
jon: you were ptf’d
ptfs an acronym for post traumatic fall syndrome.
mostly use by skaters and longboarders. it is to describe the distress that one may acquire after a major fall off a longboard or a skateboard.
person 1: mannn eddy hasn’t been the same after the 20 st-tches he got on his head from his last fall.
person 2: yea he can’t even look at his new dervish. i think he has a case of ptfs.
person 1 and 2: fooo shooo.
project task force

bunch of dudes who totally kicked -rs- in a project. and own, generally in life.
eg. like 3 people who worked an e-commerce project, and formed a bond and a hashtag for life #ptf
“part time f-ck” used to refer to someone who’s not a longer term partner.
a: what happened to mike?
b: oh, he’s just a ptf
a software fix for the ibm iseries family of midrange servers.
i downloaded a ptf to fix my database problem.
“palm to face”
ptf to that guy over there.
potential to frat.

when a person, place, or thing shows potential to be frat-worthy.
bro #1: “that pledge just did a minute long keg stand!”
bro #2: “bro, he’s got ptf.”

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