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pigeon toed gang, formed circa fall 2010 based on the actions of michael sorrentino. mostly located on the southeastern coast of the united states, mainly stretches from the areas of maryland and washington dc thru richmond, va and down to the southern north carolina.
you heard of the bloods and crips, well they ain’t got sh-t on the ptg.
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a.k.a pimpin’ the game, n. a word used to describe someone who worked their way from the bottom to the top; adj. total rapage of the “game”; adj. owning a group/organization such as school or a sport after coming out of nowhere.
carol was a n-body when she moved from canada, then she ptged her way to the top of the school!
pray to g-d: derived from a dave chappelle episode during the black bush administration where the black head of cia and some black dude bring evidence of yellow cake from africa. some black dude says the quote “pray to g-d you don’t drop that sh-t”.

used in regular speech to add emphasis to an action or event allowing for others to recognize the intensity or seriousness of the situation.
ptg you don’t drop that sh-t.

ptg she can get home.
acronym for pre-teen gash
sick f-ck says: n-gg- i got me some ptg last night!
friend says: oh yeah was it tight?
sick f-ck says: yeah motherf-cker that sh-t was d-mn good, i had to drop that b-tch off at school in the morning though. hah!
play the game. abbriviation when you just want everyone to stfu and get back to the game. cl-ssically used in the specialists mod for half-life.
usually, it is said when people are in a huge arguement. you’re a nub the raging bull sucks! your mom sucks! omg you suck! learn to play the game. stfu and ptg!

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