p-ssy to mouth – term used in the p-rn industry that when a man is f-cking a woman, he pulls out now and again to stick his c-ck into the womans mouth, whether it be the same woman or another
matt pulled his big c-ck out of laura’s p-ssy and stuck it into her mouth. (or) matt pmt’d laura
an abbreviation for the phrase “p-ssy-to-mouth”, which describes the s-xual transition from v-g-n-l s-x to oral s-x (performed by the woman, on the man).
i was doing her from behind when all of the sudden she went for the p.t.m and let me come in her mouth.
1.pony tail man with pony tail
holy momma,check out that mad p.t.m it’s atleast 12 inches!
pony tail man ; a man with a pony tail.
rachael:excuse me sirr. is that a ponytail?

man:why yes it is 🙂

rachael:omg christa, hes deff a ptm
see princess tiny meat. a gay man with a lot of att-tude and nothing to back it up with in the the pants. a prissy, bad lay. napoleon syndrome.
mr. ptm needs to lay off, we all know he practically has a vag.

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