public school

breeding ground for people whose families don’t love them enough to teach them anything.s
i love my son, but my daughter’s going to public school.
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a place where miserable under paid teacherse dwell. a place where depressed,angry,violent,g-ngb-nging youth reside during the hours of 9am to 3pm. they teach you alot of stuff that doesnt really help you with alot of stuff.
and refuse to air condition cl-ssrooms during hot garbage smelling summers, while they’re staff rooms and offices are spotless clean and nice and cool.
i went to public school all my life and learned all the wrong things from my friends and teachers.
in britain this is a private school. in other words you pay to attend. many are boarding schools. the pupils are well off ,well spoken and very british. common sports played are rugby, hockey(field) and lacrosse.
gordonstoun, harrow. eton.
government funded humanist indoctrination. turns children in to good little socialists, ready-made for the new world order.
the most important thing i learned in public school is that i’m homeschooling my friggin’ kids.
a mini ghetto in one building. the only people who go through a public school without getting the sh-t beat out of them once are nerds.
f-ck you fhn. how the h-ll do people avoid putting the definition in the example? public school
an establishment, funded by money coerced from honest working stiffs, in which children are taught politically correct lies, f-ggoty agendas, and socialist bull cr-p.
hillary clinton knows what is best for me. i know this is true because i learned it in public school.
a place where kids are taught to hate anyone who doesn’t conform christians, homeschoolers, nerds, where nothing is expected of them, and where kids learn about stds, s-x, and little else.
1. i’m from a public school. i’ve been trained what to believe what i’m told about everything, from evolution to politics. “thinking for yourself”? what’s that?
more proof that whenever the federal government gets involved in places where they’re not allowed to, something goes horribly wrong.
john stossel’s story on public schools being a piece of sh-t (stupid in america, go watch it on youtube) is 100% true.

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