something worthy of being published.
this sh-t i’m writing is publishable.

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  • quim shot

    the ability to fire certain vagine discharge into great blobs, temporarily blinding said male in the game of quim shot wow, thats a great one duck, your quim shot got me reet int ring sausage.

  • Quimsical

    the quality of being filled with quim. based on the welsh word for v-g-n-l fluids. janet: d-mn i’m so wet. rob: oh h-lls yeah, tonight is going to be motherf-cking quimsical! something related to a persons quim which is humorous ha ha your quim is quite quimsical

  • shnozzberry

    a very cool kind of a berry from charlie and the chocolat factory there are shnozzberrys

  • whack-a-hog

    the urge to smash the groundhogs head like a ‘whack-a-mole’ game after you realize the b-st-rd saw his shadow, and another 6 weeks of winter is ahead. ‘i can’t believe that effer saw his shadow! i’m about ready to go whack-a-hog on his -ss’ ‘it’s freezing out, thanks to that furry rodent. who’s up for […]

  • whaddayahave?

    ‘may i take your order please?’ as popularized by the varsity whaddayahave, whaddayahave? yea, lemme get 2 chili-cheese slaw dogs and a c-ke.

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