adj. a forum or collection of forums of a ‘b-tchy’ nature, in which people from a certain community (i.e. friends from a certain school) gather to b-tch about each other or to voice their opinions on any topic, unmoderated.

originally meaning mischievous, impish, naughtily or annoyingly playful.
“dis forum is well puckish, innit?”

“puckish freaks.” – j. r. green.
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a place for people to freely express opinion withouy feeling judged or bullied for their views
‘without inspiration you are nothing’ – the original puckish motto
a groundbreaking unmoderated forum. an online underground press. an art gallery. a collectively owned community

a revolution: www.puckish.org.uk.
puckish: breaking down youth-culture barriers, one brick at a time

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