the word an idiot uses when trying to say picture
he said pucture haha what an idiot

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  • *sshole andy

    the guy next to you. -sshole andy on the bed

  • gangdom

    a particular area of a city where a particular gang beats the ever living h-ll outta its godforsaken inhabitants.the cops aren’t quite useful and rival gangs ain’t welcome. the gangdoms of los angeles

  • video horse

    an alternate t-tle the noun “video game” (or “videogame”). born from deluded ravings in the early morning in a discord server, the term is used to confuse, complicate, muddle, jumble, over-complicate, garble, blur, obscure, cloud, etc. works best if you actively deny your use of the word. two friends are having a discussion. 1.) “hey, […]

  • snoofie

    a spainiard dog. it’s usually white with brown and black spots. usually hangs with a group of tall, bosnian basketball players. dude 1: dude did you see that spainiard? dude 2: yeah, it’s totally a snoofie.

  • shake some

    to throw hands, fight. talking all this sh-t, shake some ho.

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