Pudge Face

a.k.a. the pudge face.
it was a crack head lady next door who always had this face when she walked around so i named the face and it became catchy.

1.its used to make fun of people who do any drug that you can visually see when your around them.

2.its when a trailer trash crack head squishes there face really tight, so tight that their top lip overlaps the bottom really far making the person have a fat, lazy sour face expression. and its constant while high and sometimes stays that way after time.

3.used to punk on someone and can be used in many different ways. but usually when someone makes a weird face or at least has an ugly one.
example #1

jon: “your so ugly dude.”
sam: “what are you talk’n about pudge face!”
jon: “whoa dude… harsh.”

example #2

jewel squints her eyes and holds a french fry like a mustache with her top lip. then the fry falls off but her face stays the same.

mariana: “look at you, looking like a pudge face.” mariana laughs and points at jewel.

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