1) a small deer, as sensitive as it is diminuitive; capable of melting the blackest of ice-cold hearts previously thought to be bereft of any humanity or warmth
2) mascot & cheerleader for bob harris
i want to hug your pudu.
quite simply it is a term that references the female v-g-n-. it can even more appropriately be used when referencing a dog’s v-g-n-.
“her pudus is leaking”
“she’s licking her pudus”- dog references

“dude, your pudus stinks”- human reference
means the same as sh-t, except you can put it in a film and still get a “u” certificate (i.e. star wars phantom menace). in the rotj jabba scene, it’s translated as “fodder”, but this doesn’t explain why sebulba sez it when he crashes his racing pod.
what a load of bantha pudu

you used to be a good smuggler, but now you’re bantha pudu

everything tony blair says is complete pudu

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