the lovable pink nintendo character, that goes by the name of kirby.
when kirby sucks up air, he turns into a puffball
when you screw someone so god d-mn hard that your b-lls swell to the size of watermellons
woman 1.after i put the kids to bed last night, i screwed john so hard that he had puffb-lls!

woman 2.nice work!!!
a sphere made of m-ssive amounts of tissue paper, that is methodically made into flower like shapes. they are all then put together by a “kippy” a beautiful, voluptuous mythological creature of the forest of great crafting skills. “kippies”prefer a life of peace and solitude but are often attracted to small gnomes that live throughout the forest, leaving them exhausted and therefore limiting their puffball making abilities.
a kippy made her 1,972nd “puff ball” and let them float heavenly over the gymnasium making a beautiful resting place for all her gnomes. and then she went ni ni cause she was ti ti.
puffball is a generic non-newbie online user, in a social or bvehavioral context. the word was coined in the early nineties in the backstage host (moderator) conference (forum) on the well, to refer to anyone who was a real handful for a host to deal with or “moderate,” including other hosts or oldtimers.

(the term evokes the name of a wild mushroom, the idea of an enlarged ego, and the concept of being b-llsy, but it is a pure coinage and not a derivation.
it’s semi-affectionate.)
usage: “if puffball goes off on a rant in the middle of the one-word-sentence game, how do i get him to take that energy someplace where we can respond to it, so the other users aren’t all yelling at me to make him conform to the game?”

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