fruit machine
we went down to the casino and played a few puggys and w-nked off like good little boys
a simple, kind individual as exemplified by jason lee’s character of the same name in the movie big trouble (2002)
aw, matt is helping that old lady cross the street. he’s such a puggy.
me! a rather non-neogatiable bad looking dark kid liked by few loved by less. listens to cradle of filth, slipknot, and korn continously. loves the beautiful fuzzy with a fiery p-ssion
puggy fell off his board dude. that was whack.
bad puggy.
no puggy.
someone who has bad hair, big feet, smells, is ugly, has no friends, and is dumb. it’s the ugliest thing that you could be, it is a different way to describe people that you do not like. it was created by lois so she could use it with her friends. if you are a puggy, your life is very sad.
lois: you’re a puggy
hina: i’m sorry, i’ll take my puggy elsewhere.

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