pull out

when a guy flirts with a girl too much, he needs to pull out. it means to stop “over-flirting” a girl.
“d-mn! erik needs to pull out!”
a form of birth control practiced by idiot couples to prevent pregnancy. it is not at all effective because pre–j-c-l-t- contains sperm. it also does not protect from stds
what do you call people who use pull out method of birth control? soon to be parents
the action when scr-w-ng unprotected where right before the boy nuts he takes his d-ck out of her p-ssy
d-mn! last night i was boning liv and i forgot to pull out! i hope i didn’t knock up!
when a man withdraws his p-n-s out of a woman’s v-g-n- during intercourse as a form of birth control. it is not a very effective method of birth control since the man might not pull out in time. s-m-n can also be present in the prec-m if the man did not urinate several times since his last -j-c-l-t–n.

using the pulling out method correctly along with the correct use of a condom is pretty much a no-pregnancy guarantee.
if you don’t want me to -j-c-l-t- inside, i can pull out.
the worst protection ever .
it doesn’t work because of the pre-c-m and sometimes, guys just get lazy and forget to actually “pull out .”

& it’s not fun during s-x to have to start, stop, start, stop, etc .

so please, use the condom, or the pill .
we already have over 6 billion people in this world .
girl :”mom, what does “pull out” mean ?”
mom :”it’s how we had you, sweetie .”
to remove the p-n-s from the v-g-n- during s-x
ouch, pull out, you’re hutting me
an expression meaning ‘to leave’ or ‘to head out’.
dude, this party is gettin’ whack…lets pull out.
someone who has no inherant value to society and as such, said individual’s father should have “pulled out” rather than fouling the earth with such a little sh-t.
you would do the world better if you were just a stain on the sheets, you pullout.

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