Pulling A Dan

completely bull sh-tting. making up ridiculous lies and exaggerating things.
“i got asked to be the drummer on madonna’s tour!” “oh stop pulling a dan”

“he said he got asked to be a model while he was on holiday, but he was really just given an advert card for a photographer!” “oh he was totally pulling a dan!!”
getting people fired up and wild
getting up at 10am, pouring a scotch and handing everyone a beer before breakfast in texas, every day for four days in a row, now that’s pulling a dan
telling someones mother on them to tell their mother.getting the person in big trouble.
mom tell that guy’s mom that he hacked my brothers xbox account.”pulling a dan.”
1. the act of showing complete disregard for responsibilities and personal / professional duties.

2. the inability to act as a productive member of society.
jerry: hey dale, did you finish your part of the -ssignment?

dale: nah, i didn’t.

jerry: you’re really pulling a dan right now.


james: hey kid! stop eating out of the garbage! you’re pulling a dan!
becoming completely awesome at something, then smoking too much pot and losing all your natural tallent.
dude mark was so good at skateboarding, now he’s f-cking pulling a dan and doesn’t get off his -ss.

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