pulling a memo

when you sit on someones lap and you’re going commando
dude, becky was pulling a memo on joe and he got a b-n-r

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  • punsh

    to gently caress the p-n-s i punshed my boss

  • p*ssy whip cream

    putting whip cream on a girls v-g-n- is like rubbing a males d-ck with sugar jack: man i love covering tiffanys p-ssy with whip cream! love that p-ssy whip cream! lilly: oh yeah? would you like it if i rubbed your d-ck with sugar?

  • radio thug

    a person who defines themselves’ as a thug by using examples of things heard in songs on the radio. malcom was labeled a radio thug due to the fact that all his activities came from radio hits.

  • raging drunk

    your dad. me:hey, where’s your dad? you: oh, the raging drunk got arrested again. me:fair enough.

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    raprimpy (adj.) when someone is trying to look pimpin’ but ends up kinda looking rape-y that guy at the club last night looked really raprimpy.

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